Govt Grants 42 Days Of Special Casual Leave To Its Employees For Organ Donation

New Delhi: The Center has decided to grant 42 days of special casual leave to its employees for organ donation in view of the recovery time after major surgery.

At present there is a provision of such special holidays for 30 days.

“Removing an organ from a donor is a major surgery, which requires hospitalization and recovery time, including the post-hospitalization period,” an order issued by the Ministry of Personnel said.

Further, keeping in view the noble activity of helping other human beings and promoting organ donation among Central Government employees, it has now been decided to grant a maximum of 42 days of special casual leave to Central Government employees for donating their organs. ) to another human being, as a special welfare measure in the public interest, it said.

The period of special miscellaneous leave shall be a maximum of 42 days as recommended by a Government Registered Medical Practitioner/Doctor irrespective of the type of surgery to remove the donor organ.

Leave will be granted to all types of living donors provided the donor has been duly approved for donation by a registered medical practitioner of the Government in accordance with the Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 1994.

The Ministry of Personnel said that it is considering granting special miscellaneous leave to organ donors in the light of some references/queries received, in consultation with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

The order issued to all Central Government Departments/Ministries states that special miscellaneous leave shall not be combined with any other leave except in exceptional circumstances of surgical complications on medical recommendation by a Government Registered Medical Practitioner/Doctor.

Special casual leave will normally be taken in one phase starting from the day of admission to hospital. However, in case of need, it can be availed maximum one week before the surgery on the recommendation of a Government Registered Medical Practitioner/Doctor, he said.

Flexibility or split leaves may be allowed based on the treatment recommendation of a Government Registered Medical Practitioner/Doctor, the order said.

“Treatment in connection with organ donation should be done from any authorized hospital as far as possible. In cases where no authorized hospital (Government hospital or private hospital listed under Central Government Health Scheme or CGHS) is available in the area/ zone of treatment. And the treatment is done from a private hospital. is, production of a medical certificate duly attested by the concerned HOD of the hospital is mandatory,” it said.

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