May 27, 1968 is best birth date in baseball history

How about those particularly productive birthdays by Hall of Fame talent?

Of all the days on the calendar, 86 have had at least two Hall of Famers, 19 of them at least three and five of them at least four—only one date has more than four, six on one.

But it is all just a matter of months and days. How about having actual birthday twins who share the month, day of birth And Year?

There is only one pair of Hall of Famers born on the exact same day: Jeff Bagwell and Frank Thomas, who were born on May 27, 1968.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that it dates back to 1968. Over 180 MLB players were born in 1968. There are five players born in ’68 in the Hall of Fame—only three birth years have included more players, and the latest of those three is 1903.

But it has to be the only exact day – in the history of World – To produce multiple Baseball Hall of Famers? this is some.

They arrived in Cooperstown by different routes, of course, as everyone does.

Thomas was born on May 27, 1968, in Columbus, Ga. He was the seventh pick overall in the 1989 MLB Draft out of Auburn taken by the White Sox. In 2014, 521 home runs and two MVP awards later, he was a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

Bagwell was born on the same day in Boston. He was the 110th overall selection in that same draft, a fourth rounder from the University of Hartford for the Red Sox. 449 home runs, Rookie of the Year and MVP awards for the Astros, Bagwell was voted into his seventh year of eligibility in ’17.

A perfect day in history – two Hall of Famers. It makes you wonder what the next day might be, and whether that day has happened yet.