Shammi Kapoor’s Wife Neila Devi Shares Heartwarming Details Of His Love Story With First Wife Geeta Bali

New Delhi: Late actor Shammi Kapoor was known for his extravagant lifestyle and his love for Geeta Bali, whom he eventually married. However, the marriage came to a sad end when Geeta died of smallpox at the age of 35. Shammi and Geeta had two children and Shammi married Neela Devi a few years after Geeta’s death. In a recent interview, Neela discussed Shammi’s relationship with Geeta and how she handled her death.

According to Neela in an interview with ETimes, she first came to know about Shammi and Geeta’s relationship when she saw them competing in a race in their convertible vehicles. Neela claimed that Shammi had told her everything about Geeta before proposing to her. “They were married for only 8-9 years and she died. It was a huge shock for him. For six months he stayed at Rajji’s place and Krishnaji looked after him. He was drinking non-stop,” she recalled.

According to Neela Devi, Geeta Bali was “a very mature person” who “understood her (Shammi) and gave her whatever encouragement she needed to succeed.” She remembers that Geeta and Shammi initially crossed paths in Mumbai after the wild actor’s breakup with Nutan.

“He met her here in Mumbai. During the rebound from Nutan, there may be. I’m sure everyone knows about it,” Neela told ETimes.

Geeta and Shammi “both sang” and thus “they clicked,” adding that they both had a “tremendous sense of humor”.

Neela also remembered a story of Shammi. “He was shooting for Rangi Raat in Ranikhet. Geeta Bali claimed that he would play a boy in the film, although he had no other role to play with her than to be with her. They fell in love there. It continued for a long time where Until she finally said yes to him,” she recalled. Shammi proposes to Geeta, and they get married at midnight.

Neela Devi also revealed that Shammi Kapoor abstained from alcohol for 21 days from January 1 to January 21 every year in memory of Geeta Bali, who fell ill on January 1 and died on January 21.